Adapter Object: CUSTOMER_REL有两个功能:

  • 同步Contact Person,以Relationship的方式
  • 同步Partner Function,同样以Relationship的方式

注意,像Ship-to,Bill-to等等,如果是自身的话(叫做self-reflection),在CRM中是不会产生Relationship的,因为CRM不允许self-reflection。而对于自定义的Partner Function,需要在CRM中配置:

  • Distribution of Partner Functions from SAP ECC into CRM
  • Distribution of Partner Functions from CRM into SAP ECC

针对self-reflection,其实在Define Partner Functions中Block选项就是干这个的,如果不勾选的话,意味着在Partner Determination过程中,可选自身作为任意的Partner Function。详见Note: 417022

在CRM中,self-reflection用BP Role来体现。但是CRM中,BP Role没有什么特殊功能,只是UI的集合,参见Note: 596334


The self reflexive partner function by design are not replicated to CRM
from R/3, because in the CRM system they do not make sense as per the
design and data model of the CRM system.

In R/3 when a customer is created in a particular sales area under a
particular account group self reflexive partner functions like
Ship-to-party, Bill-to-party and so on are added.

This information is represented in CRM in terms of roles because in CRM
partner functions refer only to the ones that a BP has with another BP
and not itself. All the information related to a BP in CRM are stored
in the BP data itself and never through partner functions.

Similarly, these partner functions will not be displayed in the
[RELATIONSHIPS] tab. Please note that self-reflecting partner
functions are not allowed in CRM because it’s physically not possible
for a Business Partner to have a relationship or a partner function
with himself. Such partner functions are subject of partner
determination process in CRM, and by default Ship-to-party, Payer and
Bill-to-Party functions are assumed for all Business Partners.
During data exchange such Partner Functions are simply ignored.


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