SAP Cloud for Customer(C4C)

对于越来越复杂的SAP CRM产品线,下文是不错的概览。

via: SAP Cloud for Customer(C4C) – What’s in it for SAP CRM Consultants

SAP’s Cloud for Customer(C4C) is making its presence felt in the CRM market with its inbuilt integration to SAP CRM, ECC and several other Third party applications. This also raises the following questions in the minds of customers and CRM consultants alike.

  • What kind of features are Customers looking for in C4C?
  • What does this mean to the SAP CRM consultants and their future ?
  • Will there be needs to customize the C4C ?
  • What will be the needs to integrate SAP CRM with SAP C4C?
  • What will the CRM landscape look like?

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